Top 5 Things for RV Newbies to Note

Published on 11/24/2023

So you bought a new RV…. now what? We won’t lie—there’s quite a lot to learn if you’re new to this outdoor lifestyle.

RVing as a rookie can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! We’re here to help show you the ropes.

For starters, we have a ton of great resources for new RVers to find the RV that’s the perfect match and planning your RV route. We also have plenty of blog posts to read at your leisure (we’ve linked a few throughout this blog)!

Let’s make the learning curve a little easier, so you can hit the road prepared. Here are our top five things for newbies to note…

Nail your packing technique

What do you need to bring on your first RV trip? We suggest packing light the first time and reassessing what you need to bring after. Aim to keep your load light with our handy packing list!

There are a few essentials you just can’t forget – like lots of layers and food that’s easy to prep on the road. From there, it’s easy to pick up any forgotten items you realize you need.

Plan meals ahead of time

Cooking on the road can be tricky if you haven’t quite mastered the craft. If you’re new to RV living, we suggest doing some meal prep before you head out on your RV trip.

Freezer meals are a life saver. It’s also helpful to plan simple picnic recipes if you know you’re going to spend a lot of time on the road.

Need more ideas? We share lots of camping recipes and cooking inspiration on our Wildhood Recipe Club on Facebook. Vegan, healthy potluck, seafood-inspired — there’s something for everyone!

Prepare for RVing with animals

Our four-legged family members have their own list of essentials to pack on your next RV trip.

How many pets do you plan on bringing? RVing with just one pet is easier than you think, but multiple pets can be a little trickier.There are more paws to look out for!

Finally, you need to consider your destination when prepping paws for the road. There’s even more to consider if you’re crossing south of the border with your pets.

Choose your dream destination

The ultimate question: Where will you go for your first RV trip?!

Do you want to drive to the beach or the mountains? Alberta has some pretty spectacular summits! But you need to see the Maritimes at least once in your life, too. Regardless of the destination, you’ll want to find a campsite the whole family loves – like these campgrounds with pools and playgrounds!

Will you choose Ontarioor British Columbia or somewhere in between? The possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to travel a bit off the beaten path.

Embrace small-spaced living

Perhaps the biggest adjustment to the RV lifestyle is the transition to small-spaced living. You’ll want to balance organization/storage hacks to make the most of your indoor space with extra cozy design choices so your home-sweet-home on wheels really feels like home.

Traveling full-time with your partner? This one is definitely worth the read!

Wherever your new RV takes you and whomever you bring, you’ll want to be a good camper and be a good neighbour!

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